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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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  • School Twinning  Initiative on Ecological Concerns Ecological Concerns

    The teachers' training for School twinning initiative (STI) was held on 24th and 25th February 2020 at CSI Synod Centre, Chennai. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad explained the significance of teaching Sustainable values to Children and about School twinning Initiative(STI). Mr SonyThomas, an HR trainer, motivated the teachers for giving leadership in eco-activities in their schools. Mr Saravanan, a WWF staff, enlightened the teachers on Plastic tide turner project of UNEP. Hence CSI is the official partner of this project of UNEP in South India, he requested the cooperation of all the teachers. Mr Ranjit Daniels, Managing Director of Care Earth, explained how to make STI more meaningful and relevant. Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, Director of Communications Department of the CSI Synod, delivered the concluding address. Thirty-five teachers participated.

    The following Schools will be having a twinning programme with the Oxford Schools in the United Kingdom from June 2020 onwards.

    Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

    • CSI EM aided Primary School, Eluru ( KG Diocese)
    • CSI Joseph Memorial Primary School, Katrappally (Karimnagar)
    • CSI Aided Primary School Bhadrachalam ( Dornakal)


    • CMS LP School Ennoormvayal, Vechoochira ( Madhya Kerala Diocese)
    • CMS LP School Urakam (Cochin)
    • BEM School, Payannoor (Malabar)


    • OCPM Primary School, Madurai (Madurai Diocese)
    • CSI Vestry Nursery and Primary School, Trichy (Trichy- Tanjore Diocese)
    • CSI Primary School, St. Thomas Church Road, Ooty (Coimbatore Diocese)

    Jacqueline Bina Stanly, BEM Lower Primary School Payannur, Malabar Diocese: "All the sessions were very useful and thought-provoking."

    M. Lilly Manohari , OCPM girls Higher Secondary School, Madurai Diocese: "The training was very useful. It was an eye-opener. I will teach my students the information I gathered from here."

    Ms Grace Devang, CSI EM AP School, Krishna Godavari Diocese: "Very effective training. Our School avoided plastic and junk foods. We use cloth bags. We plant saplings on the birthdays of our students."

    Ms Norah Prithviraj, St. Mary’s Aided High School, Dornakal Diocese: "The resource persons' ability in imparting knowledge and the motivation given was awesome. I shall try my best to be a role model for my children. Our school will for a healthy environment."

    Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad
    Hon. Director,
    CSI SynodDept.of Ecological Concerns


    UNESCO Website Features the Activities of the Synod Ecological Concerns Department Ecological Concerns

    TheEcological Concerns Department of the Church of South India Synod once again gets the international attention when the Website of UNESCO features an extensive article on the activities of the Department and its impact.

    You can see the article in the following link:

    Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackadu
    Director, Ecological Concerns Dept.,
    CSI Synod


    Green School Programme Held at CSI Synod Centre Ecological Concerns

    The Annual Green School Programme organized by CSI Synod Department of Ecological concerns was held on 21st to 22nd November 2019, at CSI Synod Centre, Chennai. CSI adopts a Green Audit in schools- an assessment about Land, Air, Water, Food, Energy and Waste, which makes the children use our natural resources judiciously. The eco-friendly practices to be adopted in our daily living and the need to protect our nature were discussed. The resource persons include Dr Sultan Ahmed Ismayil, Director, Eco-science Research Foundation, Chennai, Mr Jacob Swaminathan, Soft-skill Trainer, Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad, Hon. Director, CSI Synod Department Ecological Concerns, Dr Pauline Deborah, Associate Professor, Women's Christian College, Chennai, Dr R. J. Ranjit Daniels, Director, Care-Earth Trust, Chennai and Mr Saravanan, World Wide Fund for Nature. CSI Schools which completed Green Audit to 100% participated in this two-day workshop. Teachers from CSI diocesan schools namely Madhya-Kerala, Malabar, Cochin, East-Kerala, South Kerala, Coimbatore, Trichy-Tanjore, Madras, Madurai-Ramnad, Thoothukudi-Nazareth, Vellore, Dornakal,participated. Noble Sam Prince, Green School Facilitator coordinated the programme.


    "The earth has music for those who listen. I'm very much inspired to start these initiatives in my school. I'm strongly determined to impart awareness to my students to save them from the hazards of pollution and unhealthy food habits. Resources persons have really motivated us with their knowledge and expertise."

    Ms. Lovely John
    CMS High School, Pallom

    "Campus sustainabilityis the need of the hour. We should start teaching about the need to protect the environment right from their childhood onward. Waste should be seen as a resource and must be managed properly. I will make vermicompost pots- seven days task- in my home and at school and will produce vegetables. The resource persons were excellent in their teaching especially the lecture by Dr, sultan Ismayil sir. The activities conducted by the trainer Mr Jacob Swaminathan were also very nice and thought-provoking."

    Ms Norah Prithviraj
    St Mary's High School, Khammam

    "How the earth got destroyed by our activities should be properly understood. We have to save our planet by adopting eco-friendly patterns. Dr Pauline Deborah from WCC, Chennai delivered how to implement GSP audit in our schools."

    Mr P. Ravikumar
    CSI Higher Secondary School Dharapuram

    "Our oceans are becoming loaded with plastic waste and we are also consuming through our food. We must try to adopt good practices that reduce plastic. Farming is not a burden. Application of technology is more important. The videos including the activities done by various schools inspired me. Glad to know that CSI Synod Ecological Concerns has collaboration with UNEP."

    Ms Ruksana K. S.
    Church of England Zenana Mission LP School, Tripunithura, Eranakulam.

    "Soft-skills is more important for a teacher. We must be more judicious in using our natural resources. We have already destroyed by nature to a great extent. So restoration is not possible, we can only try to rehabilitate our nature. It is not winning the race, but participation is more important. We will try to achieve the goals."

    Mr S. Mighavelraja
    CSI Pasumalai Higher Secondary School, Madura

    Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad,
    Hon. Director, CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns.


    Understanding His Words and His Works Ecological Concerns

    The Church of South India (CSI) Synod Department of Ecological Concerns conducted a colloquium titled 'Understanding His Word (The Bible) and His Works (The Creation)' at CSI Synod Centre from 18th to 20th November 2019. It aimedto equipthe pastors to connect their knowledge with nature, through an internationally acclaimed book, "Planet Wise" written by Rev. Dr Dave Bookless. The ecological initiatives are often regarded as a cosmetic makeover, but a transformation in our approach towards nature is needed. This key idea articulated by the resource persons in the Eco-colloquium made the clergy-participants to have a new outlook about worship. Resource persons include Rev.Dr. John Samuel Ponnusamy, Principal, Gurukul Theological College, Chennai, Rev. Dr Mothy Varkey, Faculty, Marthoma TheologicalSeminary, Kottayam, Fr. Paul Thelakat, Editor, Satyadeepam Magazine, Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad, Hon. Director, CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns, and Rev. Dr Chilkuri Vasantha Rao, Principal, United Theological College, Bangalore. Fifty pastors from the CSI Dioceses especially Coimbatore, Dornakal, East Kerala, Kanyakumari, Kollam-Kottarakkara, Krishna-Godavari, Madurai-Ramnad, Malabar, Medak, Nandyal, South Kerala, Thoothukudi-Nazareth, Tirunelveli, Trichy-Tanjore, Vellore, participated. Mr Noble Sam Prince, an intern working in the Department of Ecological Concerns coordinated the programme.


    "The way we should change our worship in protecting nature also and our opennessto listen to what creation says is more important. 'A clergy is a master of the sacred page', this phrase by Fr. Paul Thelakat really helped me to ponder the more responsibility vested with us to conserve nature. Rev. Dr Mothy Varkey, through his speech, made clear that we are giving more importance to heaven, neglecting our responsibilityto save our mother earth."

    Rev. V. John Samuel

    "The book, 'Planet wise' really helps us to give answers to those questions which our congregation asks.Rev.Dr. Mothy Varkey Achen and Paul Thelakat Achen delivered great philosophical ideas, in relation to God and nature."

    Rev. N. P. Shaji

    "We must have a semiotic understanding of our scripture, then the Bible becomes a book of scripture as well as a book of nature. The philosophical ideas an example with great insights really made us wonder about our approach towards nature. I will try to include one aspect of ecology in my coming sermons."

    Rev. Christopher David

    "God is beyond creation. Creation belongs to God. The knowledge of the resource person in the Old Testament really helped us to understand the creation with apt stories. Rev. John Samuel Ponnusamy is a well-known scholar and his deep knowledge in OT helped us to understand the creation of God in the present-day context."

    Rev. H. John Samuel

    "Rational understanding of our wrong practices is necessary. The 3 key words said by Fr. Paul Thelakat is very powerful-to read, dispute and preach."

    Rev. Iniyan Joshua

    "Our voices must be raised for eco-justice. Topics related to rationality, healing, new creation, discipleship, and worship were taught."

    Rev. Jerin Sester

    Prof. Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad,
    Hon. Director, CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns


    The Green School training Programme, Coimbatore Diocese Ecological Concerns

    The CSI Synod Department of Ecological concerns organized Green School training programme for the Coimbatore Diocese on 11th October at Coimbatore. Rev. Charles Samraj inaugurated the programme. Dr. Mathew Koshy Punnackadu, Hon.Director of ecological Concerns gave leadership for the training. Prof. Philip Robinson helped in translation. Rev. Betholomew Ziegen, director of Diocesan ecological Concerns coordinated the programme

    Feed back
    Ms. G Suguna, CSI Maticulation School, Madukkarai

    It was nice programme. I never attended a class like this. It helped me to understand different aspect of nature. I will tell all things I studied here to my students. 60 boys and 55 girls are studying in my school

    Ms. Uma, St. Hyldas School, ooty

    It was very informative and interesting. Learnt new aspects of protecting nature . We will encourage students to observe nature. 85 boys and 500 girls are studying in our school.

    John Shibu Manick, parkside primary school, Nilgiiri

    We have to protect the wonderful creation of God and all the creation are interconnected. I will follow the instructions given by Dr.Mathew Koshy

    D Arul Shanti CSI Primary School, slaterpuram

    I will ask students to observe nature. I will change my methodology of teaching. The six eco justice principle taught by Dr.Mathew Koshy impressed me a lot. There are 24 boys and 28 girls in our school

    Ms MS Evelin Sghanya, CSI primary School, Sulur

    Today’s training was really thought provoking. I learned many methods to nurture plants and got many ideas on building a eco friendly atmosphere. Definitely encourage students to create a eco friendly environment

    Prof. Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackad
    Hon. Director, Department of Ecological Concerns
    CSI Synod